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Studio Policy

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Thank you for choosing to enroll in my studio! I am excited to continue building a relationship with you as we collaborate together, helping you make beautiful music all year-round! In order to ensure that you or your child get the most effective and creative teaching possible from me, I have established the following policies.

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LBP Photoshoot2.jpg

Tuition Structure: 

School-year tuition is priced according to the outline below, and is divided into 10 monthly payments from September to June. 


                     Length of Lesson          School Year      Per Month

                     30 minutes                    $1440           $144                 

                     45 minutes                    $2120           $212                

                     60 minutes                    $2800           $280                


Most students will take 45-minute lessons. This gives us enough time to cover all the topics important for a well-rounded music education. Very young students can opt for 30-minute lessons, and I recommend 60-minute lessons for late intermediate/advancing students. 


A sibling/family discount is available for multiple family members taking lessons. Please inquire for more details. 


Tuition is due by the first lesson of each month. A late fee of $15 will apply if your payment is later than the 7th of the month. Setting up auto-payments through your bank’s auto-pay program is a great option to avoid late payments. 

Music/Supplies Fee: An annual registration fee of $50/student is due at the beginning of the school year. This helps to offset the cost of studio licensed music (available to everyone in my studio), other supplemental music I buy to lend out to students, and recital costs. 


Your monthly tuition includes 4 group lessons per year, 34 individual lessons, plus much more (see below). 


What Does Tuition Cover? -- so much more than weekly lessons! 

  • Time spent with students at 4 additional group lessons (aka Piano Parties) and studio recitals, and any EMTA events (festivals, recitals, competitions) they attend, plus preparation time for all of the above

  • Lesson planning, bookkeeping, & lesson scheduling

  • Music books that I purchase for lending to students to keep costs down for them

  • Equipment purchase and maintenance, including photocopier, office supplies, piano, and regular piano tuning

  • Continued professional development and training for your teacher

  • Membership to the EMTA (Edmonds Music Teachers Association), Washington State Music Teachers Association and Music Teachers National Association (this provides unique, motivating opportunities for students)

  • State and federal taxes, insurance & retirement for your self-employed teacher

Summer tuition: Summer tuition will be figured at the beginning of the summer, by multiplying the number of weeks both student and teacher will be in town, times your lesson rate. The summer lesson rates will be $40/30 minutes, $60/45 minutes, and $80/60 minutes. Summer tuition is due by July 1st, or it can be split into 2 monthly payments on July 1st and August 1st, for your convenience. Generally, students usually have about 6 lessons during the summer session. 


Regarding Spring Break: I am aware that there are at least 3 different spring break weeks in this area for the Edmonds, Shoreline, and Seattle School Districts. If my spring break (Edmonds) does not line up with your spring break, we will make up the lesson you missed in the summer. Thank you for understanding that I am juggling many different school calendars.


Studio Calendar

I follow the Edmonds School District schedule. Please see the studio calendar for the timing of breaks and days off. Before the summer session begins, please let me know when you will be out of town, and I’ll let you know what time I’m taking off, so we can plan accordingly.


A Special Note for Monday students: Memorial Day is made up ahead of time by us having a lesson during Thanksgiving week (I take Tuesday-Friday off that week). For Labor Day, I will be taking off the entire week to get ready for the school year, so that is accounted for. If you have any other questions about Monday holidays, feel free to ask.  

Broken Bones:

It is my policy to continue lessons irrespective of broken bones or other hand/arm injuries. There are many things that can be accomplished without actually playing the piano. Music reading and ear training skills can be strengthened, music theory concepts can be emphasized, and Musicianship Festival Projects can be prepared. We will still have fun learning about music! 

Missed Lessons

When a student misses a lesson: 

Your tuition reserves a dedicated weekly spot for private lessons. As your tuition covers more than just your lesson spot, missed lessons are non-refundable.

The most effective way to deal with a week where you will not be available during your lesson time, is to swap lessons with another family. Please ask to be put on the lesson swap list if you’re interested in this option. 

Lessons are also available on Zoom or FaceTime, for lessons that would otherwise be missed due to illness, snow days, traveling, sibling or parent illness, etc.

If I have a cancellation, I'm happy to offer up that spot to a student who is unable to attend their regular lesson.

If all else fails, you may send me videos of you playing assigned pieces before your lesson time, and I’ll respond with written or video comments during your lesson time. 

When the teacher misses a lesson: 

I have built in 2 flex weeks per school year. You are guaranteed 34 lesson time slots within the span of 36 possible lesson weeks. If I happen to not get sick or need to take any time off, you will automatically get 36 lessons! If I happen to need more than 2 sick days, I will offer you a refund for extra missed lessons. 

Practice Time: 

When you sign up for piano, you're committing to practice 5-7 days a week with a weekly lesson. It's important to understand the role of practice before beginning lessons. Regular practice is imperative to learn how to play proficiently. A minimum of 30 minutes of practice, 5 days a week is required for students age 8 and above. For intermediate and advanced students, additional practice time is necessary. For students ages 5-7, I recommend 15-25 minutes a day depending on each student’s developmental level and ability. Parental participation and supervision in a daily practice routine is important for student success.


Dismissals and Termination: 

If for any reason you must stop lessons, one month’s notice is required. Regrettably, I will have to dismiss a student if any of these circumstances occur: 

  • Failure to consistently pay tuition on time*

  • Persistent absences

  • Uncooperative attitude

  • Lack of progress due to insufficient practice or unfulfilled requirements

* If tuition has not been paid by the end of the month, lessons will stop until the student is caught up on payments.

If you have concerns about how practice is going, please communicate with me because I want to set you (and your child) up for success! I will do everything I can to make lessons fun and motivating.

Students pay for their own method books (usually Faber, Piano Town, or other curriculum). I am happy to lend out the supplemental music books that I have available in my library, as well as to supply you with an abundant amount of studio licensed music (available to anyone in my studio)! 


Piano Parties! 

Our enjoyment of music expands when we share it with others! Piano parties (aka group lessons) are an important part of the year’s curriculum where students (ages 5 to 18) perform for each other, learn about music history, increase their music theory knowledge and make connections with other students. Please prioritize attendance: this added element to your child’s music education will pay huge dividends as they gain performance experience and make connections with their peers, which is very motivating! 


Adult piano students will have 2 Adult Piano Socials per year in November and April. These are relaxed, low-pressure gatherings where performing is optional, and the emphasis is on celebrating each student right where they are. It’s a safe place for everyone! 


Parent-Teacher Conference/Progress Check-in Week: 

During the week of January 23-27, I will use a portion of each students’ lesson time to check in with their parent/s about how lessons are going: what students are doing well, and what changes could help the students progress even more. For adult students, we will use that week as a check-in to review progress and discuss goals. 

A Closing Personal Note: 

I’m grateful to each of you for the privilege of doing work that I absolutely love: teaching piano and nurturing a lifelong love of music! I look forward to a wonderful year of making music together!

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